Best Time to Buy Betta Fish

  Betta fish is the fish that will enhance the beauty of your tank that is present in the office or the drawing room of your home. There are different species of betta fish that you can buy from any of the stores. It depends on your choice of which betta fish you want to buy. If you buy only one color of betta fish, it will not enhance the beauty of the tank. The best place to buy a betta fish is the only place that will make your mind to buy different colors of betta fish. Try to buy betta fish at a suitable time. 3 Best Times to Buy Betta Fish Following are the three best times for you to buy betta fish that will allow you to choose the best suitable weather or your loving betta fish: 1.      At the Start of Summer The beginning of summer is the best time to buy betta fish as betta fish like to live in normal water conditions. Buying betta fish in average weather conditions will allow you to take care of the new betta fish properly. Buying betta fish is not the only ste

Taking Care of Koi Betta Fish

  Known initially as marbled bettas, the name of the koi betta fish changed as their intensity and color pattern changed. The koi betta, therefore, resembles the notorious Japanese koi carp. But there is no direct connection between these two. The most beautiful color patterns may be found in koi bettas, which come in white, orange, and blue shades. They resemble calicos and wave their fins gracefully and elegantly. They stand out from the competition thanks to their great hue. Males and females have diverse appearances because men tend to be flashier and flashier than women. This is because they practically fight over the females in the wild, necessitating grand displays. What is the price for Koi Betta? Koi bettas for sale typically cost a little more than conventional varieties. They may occasionally be free, while others may have a minimal start-up fee. You should budget between $12 and $20. A koi betta fish that needs a new home may also be accessible. Normal Behaviou

Facts About Koi Betta Fish

  In terms of King Betta colour genes, koi betta fish are essentially one of the numerous selectively bred varieties of betta spl endens. The marble gene, which has gained enormous popularity, has been upgraded in some way to produce koi with orange, red, and black spots all over their bodies. Appearance of koi The biggest distinction between koi and other betta species is unquestionably the colourful patches that cover their typically iridescent bodies because koi is primarily a color-related variation of betta splendens. They do resemble the classic koi pond fish quite a bit. Their other traits are very identical to those of plain betta splendens. In comparison to their female counterparts, male specimens typically have greater colour. Additionally, because the koi gene jumps much like the marble gene does, there is a good chance that these fish will eventually grow colour patches on various sections of their body. Koi betta fish can reach lengths of up to 3 inches and oft

Changing the water for betta

Betta for sale is a trend and promotion that happens over months. Many gather around to decorate their home's inner beauty with these fishes. They change the outlook of the room where they reside. Besides other pets, the owner can play with them and interact with them by calling their names. These fishes are God-given creatures to us, and it is our responsibility to take great care of them with affection, passion, love, and respect. Unlike many other pet animals, these fishes do not last long. Their lifespan is just around 2 to 4 years. Maximum leading to 5 years; after that, they will be gone leaving a house empty. One main reason that affects and decreases their lifespan is the water. Water conditions Bettas are popular worldwide because they live in a variety of water ranges. Their origin is in Thailand, where they live their life as wildlife. They reside in streams are shallow, ponds, slow-moving water ( river ), or rice paddies. In these types of water condition

Feeding betta fish

It is essential to watch everything you feed to your live betta fish for sale . We all human does the same, eating healthy and organic, so why not for pet fishes? Because they always require food that is rich in nutrients, minerals, proteins, and vitamins.   They are undoubtedly beautiful, have fantastic skin patterns, and their fins are unique, but that doesn't mean that their food intake should be low quality. They are very much different from other household animals or pets. Their diet These fishes are carnivores by nature ( natural carnivores ). They know what to eat, how to eat, and how to hunt. And when they reside in the wildlife, they find and hunt so many insects and insect larvae on their own. So basically, in the wild, they do not need to worry about their diet or food. But things don't remain the same when they are captive in the household for their attributes. In here, all are rested up to the owner of that betta to provide precisely that which is essen

Betta fish breeding

  Many betta fish store do not know about this or care. Because it is a market for trading these animals, they only care about the profit they will make, in how much quantity to make a purchase or a sale. The breeding procedure of these creatures is different from the rest and unique and beautiful in their way. Age of mating To mate with each other, males and females need to be at least 5 to 13 months old. Because the characteristics, properties, and means to mate with each other are developed around this age. So, always buy that particular fish around 3 to 5 months old. Babies This is shocking to most because betta has so much tendency and capacity to lay those eggs. The average female betta can produce and lay around 30 to 45 eggs at a time. But some fish of this specie also lay as many as 500 eggs. Surprising, right? Mating procedure To mate with each other and start the mating procedure, you must have three tanks for this couple. One tank would be for male betta al